Press Release: Endorsed by Congressman Kinzinger

Kinzinger Endorses Matt Hausman for Illinois’ 13th Congressional District; Edgar Says Hausman Well-Positioned to Win in November

Kinzinger Says His Endorsement is Based on Hausman’s Focus on Solutions Over Rhetoric

Champaign, IL — Congressman Adam Kinzinger announced today he is endorsing Matt Hausman for Congress in Illinois’ 13th District. Hausman is running to restore the American Dream and Kinzinger’s endorsement comes based on Hausman’s focus on solutions over rhetoric.

When endorsing Hausman, Congressman Kinzinger said, “Matt Hausman is right: we’ve lost our way in politics. The politicians using toxicity, fear, and outrage to win elections doesn’t solve problems. None of this helps everyday people while gas and grocery prices have doubled and working families can no longer afford necessities. Matt Hausman won’t play politics—instead, he’ll work to find solutions that make people’s lives better so they can build their own American Dream. That’s why I’m endorsing him.”

Congressman Kinzinger’s endorsement comes at the same time as former Governor of Illinois Jim Edgar suggests that Hausman may have the best chance of winning the 13th District for Republicans.

 “To make it to Congress you must win two elections. Ensuring we nominate the right candidate who can win in November is paramount. Matt Hausman has positioned himself as the Republican in the 13th District who can win two elections, not just one,” Edgar said. “If Republican voters want to win this Democratic leaning district, they should consider who can do best in November.”

 In thanking these two respected leaders, Hausman made it clear he is not like his opponents, who are relying on divisive rhetoric to win the upcoming Republican Primary, but that approach would likely prevent them from working collaboratively in Congress to enact conservative policies. Hausman’s focus is on doing more than telling voters what they want to hear—he actually wants to help improve their lives.

“I am extremely grateful to Governor Edgar and Congressman Kinzinger. To talk with and receive support and advice from these two leaders, who refused to let politics and negativity get in the way of helping everyday people, proves to me that I’m on the right path,” Hausman said. “I’m not in this race to simply yell at clouds. I want to bring our Central Illinois values to Congress, and to do that we must win in November and be able to work with others in Washington to enact solutions that make people’s lives better. I can do both, which is why I’m the best choice for Republicans so we can restore the American Dream.”

 About Matt Hausman: Matt Hausman is an aerospace engineer, teacher, and local community leader raised on a family farm in central Illinois. Hausman has always looked to the horizon, investing himself into making a better future for current and future generations, including as a teacher at a low-income charter school and as an aerospace engineer for Boeing and SpaceX. He has led the non-profit group “Feeding Our Kids” and serves on the Champaign County Mental Health Board. Hausman was born and raised in Pesotum on his family’s 1,500-acre grain farm, for which he will assume direction in the coming years.